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Last update: April 23rd 2014

Those who didn't had the opportunity to see Junk Farm live, probably do not know the songs from their first CD "Junk Farm". The CD was self-published, but recently, just for the fun, Benjamin started to remix those early tracks. Besides other stuff you can listen to them on Benjamin's SoundCloud page:

Benjamin Schippritt on SoundCloud

A bunch of video clips that were shot live in the studio in 2010 are online! Watch them on Benjamin's Youtube channel:

Benjamin Schippritt on Youtube

Both Junk Farm albums "Ugly Little Thing" and "Didn't Come To Dance" are available in many established online shops round the globe. (Shops like iTunes, amazon.com etc) A very splendid address is the CD store of record label Unicorn Digital Inc.

Unicorn Digital Store

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