...Junk Farm's history:

Way back in 2001 when Junk Farm was born, our very first gig was a pure instrumental performance and the concert had been planned without having any material to play. In only two months a bunch of fusion songs had to be written to manage to play the gig. The great feedback we got from the audience showed us, that we must have done some things right. During the next months some very important changes happened; showing the way forward to where we are now. One of them was my decision to become the singer of the band. Being able to add vocal songs to our program, kicked some doors open in song-writing. That's why this change was the trigger for a bigger change. Our path lead us where we actually came from and Junk Farm became a heavy rocking band, but still keeping that jazzy attitude and being open for integrating many different styles of music. Last but not least this is a kind of trademark of the typical Junk Farm sound.

The making of the first CD called „Junk Farm“ was a sort of stocktaking. We just wanted to record the best songs we had at that time, to get a view on what Junk Farm is all about, to find out what Junk Farm is really good in and also what doesn't work, and of course a band needs a CD for promotional reasons and so on. I think there are some pretty good songs on that CD. It helped a lot to find our way. If you have never joined one of our live concerts you probably haven't heard these songs, because the CD was self-published, but recently, just for the fun, I started to remix those early tracks. Besides other stuff of mine you can listen to them on my SoundCloud page:   Benjamin Schippritt on SoundCloud

Our second CD „Ugly Little Thing“ was the logical result of the experiences we had with the first one. While „Junk Farm“ was just a collection of the best songs we had, „Ugly Little Thing“ presented itself as a more conceptional workout of the Junk Farm style. With this album we made everything right back then, I guess. It could persuade Canadian prog-rock label Unicorn Digital Inc. to sign Junk Farm. In summer 2007 they released „Ugly Little Thing“ worldwide and the album got a whole bunch of great reviews.

2 years later „Ugly Little Thing“ was followed by „Didn't Come To Dance“. The concept "Junk Farm" provides all freedom to integrate new stuff. When I wrote the songs, I wanted to top the things that made the last album so strong, besides of creating something new. It's all about finding the balance between demanding, experimental compositions and catchy tunes. I have a passion for complex riffs and grooves and I like to experiment with rare time signatures. At the same time I can't live without a strong hookline that catches you and leads you through the song; when complex things sound easy to follow or give a broken measure an irresistible flow. When there is an idea that's not complex at all, but works well, let's rock! No limitations or restrictions! It's all about the music, about rock 'n' roll, according to the motto: No groove, no fun!

That's what Junk Farm is all about!

Benjamin Schippritt